class skrf.calibration.calibration.UnknownThru(measured, ideals, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Two-Port Self-Calibration allowing the thru standard to be unknown.

This algorithm was originally developed in [1], and is based on the 8-term error model (EightTerm). It allows the thru to be unknown, other than it must be reciprocal. This is useful when when a well-known thru is not realizable.


  1. Ferrero and U. Pisani, “Two-port network analyzer calibration using an unknown thru,” IEEE Microwave and Guided Wave Letters, vol. 2, no. 12, pp. 505-507, 1992.


__init__ Initializer
apply_cal_to_list Apply correction to list of dict of Networks.
from_coefs Creates a calibration from its error coefficients
from_coefs_ntwks Creates a calibration from its error coefficients
plot_caled_ntwks Plots corrected calibration standards
plot_errors Plots biased, unbiased and total error in dB scaled
plot_residuals Plot residual networks.
pop Remove and return tuple of (ideal, measured) at index.
remove_and_cal Remove a cal standard and correct it, returning correct and ideal
renormalize Renormalizes the calibration error boxes to a new reference impedance.
terminate Terminate a network with switch terms
unterminate Unterminates switch terms from a raw measurement.
update_coefs update currect dict of error coefficients
write Write the Calibration to disk using write()