constants (skrf.constants)

This module contains pre-initialized objects’s.

Standard Waveguide Bands

Frequency Objects

These are predefined Frequency objects that correspond to standard waveguide bands. This information is taken from the VDI Application Note 1002 [1] .

Object Name Description
f_wr10 WR-10, 75-110 GHz
f_wr3 WR-3, 220-325 GHz
f_wr2p2 WR-2.2, 330-500 GHz
f_wr1p5 WR-1.5, 500-750 GHz
f_wr1 WR-1, 750-1100 GHz
... ...

RectangularWaveguide Objects

These are predefined RectangularWaveguide objects for standard waveguide bands.

Object Name Description
wr10 WR-10, 75-110 GHz
wr3 WR-3, 220-325 GHz
wr2p2 WR-2.2, 330-500 GHz
wr1p5 WR-1.5, 500-750 GHz
wr1 WR-1, 750-1100 GHz
... ...

Shorthand Names

Below is a list of shorthand object names which can be use to save some typing. These names are defined in the main __init__ module.

Shorthand Full Object Name
F Frequency
N Network
NS NetworkSet
M Media
C Calibration

The following are shorthand names for commonly used, but unfortunately longwinded functions.

Shorthand Full Object Name
saf save_all_figs()


[1]VDI Application Note: VDI Waveguide Band Designations (VDI-1002)