, auto_order=True, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Creates 3-port from three 2-port Networks

This function provides a convenient way to build a 3-port Network from a set of 2-port measurements. Which may occur when measuring a three port device on a 2-port VNA.


if auto_order is False, ntwk_triplet must be of port orderings:

[p12, p13, p23]

else if auto_order`is True, then the 3 Networks in ntwk_triplet must contain port identification in their names. For example, their names may be like `me12, me13, me23

  • ntwk_triplet (list of 2-port Network objects) – list of three 2-ports. see notes about order.

  • auto_order (bool) – if True attempt to inspect port orderings from Network names. Names must be like ‘p12’, ‘p23’, etc

  • contains (str) – only files containing this string will be loaded.

  • *args – passed to Network.__init__() for resultant network

  • **kwargs – passed to Network.__init__() for resultant network



Return type

3-port Network


>>> rf.three_twoports_2_threeport(rf.read_all('.').values())