class, *args, **kwargs)[source]

HP8500’s series Spectrum Analyzers


Get trace, and store in a Network object

>>> from import HP
>>> my_sa = HP() # default address is 18
>>> trace = my_sa.get_ntwk()

Activate single sweep mode, get a trace, return to continuous sweep

>>> my_sa.single_sweep()
>>> my_sa.sweep()
>>> trace_a = my_sa.trace_a
>>> my_sa.cont_sweep()


f_start starting frequency
f_stop stopping frequency
trace_a trace ‘a’
trace_b trace ‘b’


__init__ Initializer
ask Write then read string
cont_sweep Activate continuous sweep mode
doc Python IVI documentation generator
get_ntwk Get a trace and return the data in a Network format
goto_local Switches from remote to local control
help Python IVI help system
recall_state Recall current state to a given register
save_state Save current state to a given register
single_sweep Activate single sweep mode
sweep trigger a sweep, return when done
write Write string to instrument