class to read touchstone s-parameter files

The reference for writing this class is the draft of the Touchstone(R) File Format Specification Rev 2.0 [1] and Touchstone(R) File Format Specification Version 2.0 [##]_



__init__ constructor
get_comment_variables convert hfss variable comments to a dict of vars:(numbers,units)
get_comments Returns the comments which appear anywhere in the file.
get_format returns the file format string used for the given format.
get_gamma_z0 Extracts Z0 and Gamma comments from touchstone file (is provided)
get_noise_data TODO: NIY
get_noise_names TODO: NIY
get_sparameter_arrays Returns the s-parameters as a tuple of arrays, where the first element is the frequency vector (in Hz) and the s-parameters are a 3d numpy array.
get_sparameter_data get the data of the s-parameter with the given format.
get_sparameter_names generate a list of column names for the s-parameter data The names are different for each format.
is_from_hfss Check if the Touchstone file has been produced by HFSS
load_file Load the touchstone file into the interal data structures