Network.is_symmetric(n=1, port_order={}, tol=1e-12)[source]

Returns whether the 2N-port network has n-th order reflection symmetry by checking s_ii == s_jj for appropriate pair(s) of i and j.

  • n (int) – Order of line symmetry to test for
  • port_order (dict[int, int]) – Renumbering of zero-indexed ports before testing
  • tol (float) – Tolerance in numeric comparisons

ValueError – (1) If the network has an odd number of ports (2) If n is not in the range 1 to N (3) If n does not evenly divide 2N (4) If port_order is not a valid reindexing of ports e.g. specifying x->y but not y->z, specifying x->y twice, or using an index outside the range 0 to 2N-1