skrf.plotting.smith(smithR=1, chart_type='z', draw_labels=False, border=False, ax=None, ref_imm=1.0, draw_vswr=None)[source]

plots the smith chart of a given radius

  • smithR (number) – radius of smith chart
  • chart_type (['z','y','zy', 'yz']) –
    Contour type. Possible values are
    • ’z’ : lines of constant impedance
    • ’y’ : lines of constant admittance
    • ’zy’ : lines of constant impedance stronger than admittance
    • ’yz’ : lines of constant admittance stronger than impedance
  • draw_labels (Boolean) – annotate real and imaginary parts of impedance on the chart (only if smithR=1)
  • border (Boolean) – draw a rectangular border with axis ticks, around the perimeter of the figure. Not used if draw_labels = True
  • ax (matplotlib.axes object) – existing axes to draw smith chart on
  • ref_imm (number) – Reference immittance for center of Smith chart. Only changes labels, if printed.
  • draw_vswr (list of numbers, Boolean or None) – draw VSWR circles. If True, default values are used.