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This package provides objects representing transmission line mediums.

The Media object is the base-class that is inherited by specific transmission line instances, such as Freespace, or RectangularWaveguide. The Media object provides generic methods to produce Network’s for any transmission line medium, such as line() and delay_short(). These methods are inherited by the specific transmission line classes, which interally define relevant quantities such as propagation constant (gamma), and characteristic impedance (Z0). This allows the specific transmission line mediums to produce networks without re-implementing methods for each specific media instance.

Media base-class

Media Abstract Base Class for a single mode on a transmission line media.

Transmission Line Classes

DefinedGammaZ0 A media directly defined by its propagation constant and characteristic impedance
DistributedCircuit A transmission line mode defined in terms of distributed impedance and admittance values.
RectangularWaveguide A single mode of a homogeneously filled rectangular waveguide
CPW Coplanar Waveguide initializer
Freespace A plane-wave (TEM Mode) in Freespace.
Coaxial A coaxial transmission line defined in terms of its inner/outer diameters and permittivity
MLine Microstripline initializer