plotting (skrf.plotting)

This module provides general plotting functions.

Plots and Charts

smith([smithR, chart_type, draw_labels, …]) plots the smith chart of a given radius
plot_smith(s[, smith_r, chart_type, …]) plot complex data on smith chart
plot_rectangular(x, y[, x_label, y_label, …]) plots rectangular data and optionally label axes.
plot_polar(theta, r[, x_label, y_label, …]) plots polar data on a polar plot and optionally label axes.
plot_complex_rectangular(z[, x_label, …]) plot complex data on the complex plane
plot_complex_polar(z[, x_label, y_label, …]) plot complex data in polar format.

Misc Functions

save_all_figs([dir, format, replace_spaces, …]) Save all open Figures to disk.
add_markers_to_lines([ax, marker_list, …]) adds markers to existing lings on a plot
legend_off([ax]) turn off the legend for a given axes.
func_on_all_figs(func, *args, **kwargs) runs a function after making all open figures current.
scrape_legend([n, ax]) scrapes a legend with redundant labels