io (

This Package provides functions and objects for input/output.

The general functions read() and write() can be used to read and write [almost] any skrf object to disk, using the pickle module.

Reading and writing touchstone files is supported through the Touchstone class, which can be more easily used through the Network constructor, __init__()

general (

General io functions for reading and writing skrf objects

read(file, *args, **kwargs) Read skrf object[s] from a pickle file
read_all([dir, contains, f_unit, obj_type]) Read all skrf objects in a directory
read_all_networks(*args, **kwargs) Read all networks in a directory.
write(file, obj[, overwrite]) Write skrf object[s] to a file
write_all(dict_objs[, dir]) Write a dictionary of skrf objects individual files in dir.
save_sesh(dict_objs[, file, module, …]) Save all skrf objects in the local namespace.

Writing output to spreadsheet

network_2_spreadsheet(ntwk[, file_name, …]) Write a Network object to a spreadsheet, for your boss
networkset_2_spreadsheet(ntwkset[, …]) Write a NetworkSet object to a spreadsheet, for your boss

touchstone (

Touchstone class

Touchstone(file) class to read touchstone s-parameter files

Functions related to reading/writing touchstones.

hfss_touchstone_2_gamma_z0(filename) Extracts Z0 and Gamma comments from touchstone file
hfss_touchstone_2_media(filename[, f_unit]) Creates a Media object from a a HFSS-style touchstone file with Gamma and Z0 comments.
hfss_touchstone_2_network(filename[, f_unit]) Creates a Network object from a a HFSS-style touchstone file.

csv (

Functions for reading and writing standard csv files

read_pna_csv(filename, *args, **kwargs) Reads data from a csv file written by an Agilient PNA.
pna_csv_2_ntwks(filename) Reads a PNAX csv file, and returns a list of one-port Networks