class, z0=None, w=70, s=4, ep_r=3, t=None, rho=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Coplanar Waveguide initializer

  • frequency (Frequency object) – frequency band of the media
  • z0 (number, array-like, or None) – the port impedance for media. Only needed if its different from the characterisitc impedance of the transmission
  • w (number, or array-like) – width of center conductor, in m.
  • s (number, or array-like) – width of gap, in m.
  • ep_r (number, or array-like) – relative permativity of substrate
  • t (number, or array-like, optional) – conductor thickness, in m.
  • rho (number, or array-like, optional) – resistivity of conductor (None)


K_ratio intermediary parameter.
Z0 Characterisitc impedance
alpha real (attenuation) component of gamma
alpha_conductor Losses due to conductor resistivity
beta imaginary (propagating) component of gamma
ep_re intermediary parameter.
gamma Propagation constant
k1 intermediary parameter.
v_g Complex group velocity (in m/s)
v_p Complex phase velocity (in m/s)


__init__ Initialize self.
attenuator Ideal matched attenuator of a given length
capacitor Capacitor
delay_load Delayed load
delay_open Delayed open transmission line
delay_short Delayed Short
electrical_length calculates the electrical length for a given distance
extract_distance Determines physical distance from a transmission or reflection ntwk
impedance_mismatch Two-port network for an impedance mismatch
inductor Inductor
isolator two-port isolator
line Transmission line of a given length and impedance
load Load of given reflection coefficient.
lossless_mismatch Lossless, symmetric mismatch defined by its return loss
match Perfect matched load (\(\Gamma_0 = 0\)).
mode create another mode in this medium
open Open (\(\Gamma_0 = 1\))
random Complex random network.
resistor Resistor
short Short (\(\Gamma_0 = -1\))
shunt Shunts a Network.
shunt_capacitor Shunted capacitor
shunt_delay_load Shunted delayed load
shunt_delay_open Shunted delayed open
shunt_delay_short Shunted delayed short
shunt_inductor Shunted inductor
splitter Ideal, lossless n-way splitter.
tee Ideal, lossless tee.
theta_2_d Converts electrical length to physical distance.
thru Matched transmission line of length 0.
to_meters Translate various units of distance into meters
white_gaussian_polar Complex zero-mean gaussian white-noise network.
write_csv write this media’s frequency,gamma,Z0, and z0 to a csv file.