RectangularWaveguide.line(d, unit='deg', z0=None, embed=False, **kwargs)

Transmission line of a given length and impedance

The units of length are interpreted according to the value of unit. If z0 is not None, then a line specified impedance is produced. if embed is also True, then the line is embedded in this media’s z0 environment, creating a mismatched line.

  • d (number) – the length of transmissin line (see unit argument)
  • unit (['deg','rad','m','cm','um','in','mil','s','us','ns','ps']) – the units of d. See to_meters(), for details
  • z0 (number, string, or array-like) – the characteristic impedance of the line, if different from self.z0. To set z0 in terms of normalized impedance, pass a string, like z0=‘1+.2j’
  • embed (bool) – if Z0 is given, should the line be embedded in z0 environment? or left in a z environment. if embedded, there will be reflections
  • **kwargs (key word arguments) – passed to match(), which is called initially to create a ‘blank’ network.

line – matched tranmission line of given length

Return type:

Network object


>>> my_media.line(1, 'mm', z0=100)
>>> my_media.line(90,'deg',z0='2') # set z0 as normalized impedance