Interactive Matching System

This example illustrate a matching system made of an open stub in series with a delay load. The length of both transmission lines can be tuned, with a direct view of the resulting Smith chart.

%matplotlib inline
from pylab import *
import skrf as rf
from import DistributedCircuit
from skrf import Frequency

from ipywidgets import interact

# define a frequency object
freq = Frequency(0.01, 10, 201, 'GHz')

# create a Media object for RG-58, based on distributed ckt values
rg58 = DistributedCircuit(frequency = freq,
                          C =93.5e-12,#F/m
                          I =273e-9,  #H/m
                          R =0,#53e-3,   #Ohm/m
                          G =0,       #S/m
                          z0_port = 50

load = rg58.load(.5)
def func(d1=180, d2=180):
    l1 = rg58.line(d=d1, unit='deg')
    l2 = rg58.shunt_delay_open(d=d2, unit='deg')
    ntwk = l2**l1**load

a=interact(func, d1= (0,360,10),d2= (0,360,10),embed=True);
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