Transmission Line PropertiesΒΆ

import skrf as rf
from pylab import *
%matplotlib inline

from skrf import Frequency
from import DistributedCircuit

# define a frequency object
freq = Frequency.from_f(logspace(0,6,101), unit='hz')

def func(C=93,I=273, R=0, G=0):
    coax = DistributedCircuit(frequency = freq,
                              C =C*1e-12,#F/m
                              I =I*1e-9,  #H/m
                              R =10**(-R),#53e-3,   #Ohm/m
                              G =G,       #S/m
    freq.plot(coax.gamma.imag,label=r'$ \beta$')
    freq.plot(coax.gamma.real, label=r'$ \alpha$')
    ylabel('Propagation Constant (rad/m)')
    loglog()# impose log-log scaling
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from ipywidgets import interact
interact(func, C=(0,100,10), I=(100,400,10), R =(0,10),G=(0,10));