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Virtual Instruments



The vi module is not well written or tested at this point. Basic support is available for data retrieval.

This tutorial is mostly a stub.

The vi module holds classes for GPIB/VISA instruments that are intricately related to skrf, so take a look there. To use the virtual instrument classes you must have pyvisa and python-ivi installed, AND a working VISA installation. A list of VNA’s that have been are partially supported.

  • PNA

  • ZVA40

  • HP8510C

  • HP8720

An example usage of the PNA class to retrieve some s-parameter data

In [1]: from import vna

In [2]: my_vna = vna.HP8510C(address =16)
#if an error is thrown at this point there is most likely a problem with your visa setup

In [3]: dut_1 = my_vna.s11

In [4]: dut_2 = my_vna.s21

In [5]: dut_3 = my_vna.two_port

Unfortunately, the syntax is different for every VNA class, so the above example wont directly translate to other VNA’s, but you get the idea,