skrf.mathFunctions.rational_interp(x, y, d=4, epsilon=1e-09, axis=0, assume_sorted=False)[source]

Interpolates function using rational polynomials of degree d.

Interpolating function is singular when xi is exactly one of the original x points. If xi is closer than epsilon to one of the original points, then the value at that points is returned instead.

Implementation is based on [1].

  • x (np.ndarray)

  • y (np.ndarray)

  • d (int, optional) – order of the polynomial, by default 4

  • epsilon (float, optional) – numerical tolerance, by default 1e-9

  • axis (int, optional) – axis to operate on, by default 0

  • assume_sorted (bool, optional) – If False, values of x can be in any order and they are sorted first. If True, x has to be an array of monotonically increasing values.


fx – Interpolate function

Return type:



NotImplementedError – if axis != 0.


approximation,” Numer. Math., vol. 107, no. 2, pp. 315-331, Aug. 2007