calibration (skrf.calibration.calibration)

This module provides objects for VNA calibration. Specific algorithms inherit from the common base class Calibration.

Base Class

Calibration(measured, ideals[, ...])

Base class for all Calibration objects.


OnePort(measured, ideals, *args, **kwargs)

Standard algorithm for a one port calibration.

SDDL(measured, ideals, *args, **kwargs)

Short-Delay-Delay-Load (Oneport Calibration).

SDDLWeikle(measured, ideals, *args, **kwargs)

Short-Delay-Delay-Load (Oneport Calibration).

PHN(measured, ideals, *args, **kwargs)

Pair of Half Knowns (One Port self-calibration).


TwelveTerm(measured, ideals[, n_thrus, ...])

12-term, full two-port calibration.

SOLT(measured, ideals[, n_thrus])

Short-Open-Load-Thru, Full two-port calibration.

EightTerm(measured, ideals[, switch_terms, ...])

General EightTerm (aka Error-box) Two-port calibration.

UnknownThru(measured, ideals, *args, **kwargs)

Two-Port Self-Calibration allowing the thru standard to be unknown.

LRM(measured, ideals[, switch_terms, isolation])

Line-Reflect-Match self-calibration.

LRRM(measured, ideals[, switch_terms, ...])

Line-Reflect-Reflect-Match self-calibration.

MRC(measured, ideals, *args, **kwargs)

Misalignment Resistance Calibration.

TRL(measured[, ideals, estimate_line, ...])

Thru-Reflect-Line (also called LRL for Line-Reflect-Line).


alias of TRL

NISTMultilineTRL(measured, Grefls, l[, ...])

NIST Multiline TRL calibration.

SixteenTerm(measured, ideals[, switch_terms])

General SixteenTerm (aka Error-box) Two-port calibration.

LMR16(measured, ideals[, ideal_is_reflect, ...])

SixteenTerm Load-Match-Reflect self-calibration.

Normalization(measured, ideals[, ...])

Simple Thru Normalization.


MultiportCal(cal_dict[, isolation])

Multi-port VNA calibration using two-port calibration method.

MultiportSOLT(method, measured, ideals[, ...])

Multi-port VNA calibration using two-port calibration method with one transmissive standard for each two-port pair.

Three Receiver (1.5 port)

TwoPortOnePath(measured, ideals[, n_thrus, ...])

Two Port One Path Calibration (aka poor man's TwelveTerm).

EnhancedResponse(measured, ideals[, ...])

Enhanced Response Partial Calibration.

Generic Methods

terminate(ntwk, gamma_f, gamma_r)

Terminate a network with switch terms.

unterminate(ntwk, gamma_f, gamma_r)

Unterminate switch terms from a raw measurement.

determine_line(thru_m, line_m[, line_approx])

Determine S21 of a matched line.

PNA interaction

convert_skrfcoefs_2_pna(coefs[, ports])

Convert skrf error coefficients to pna error coefficients


Convert PNA error coefficients to skrf error coefficients.