plotting (skrf.plotting)

This module provides general plotting functions.

Plots and Charts

smith([smithR, chart_type, draw_labels, ...])

Plot the Smith chart of a given radius.

plot_smith(s[, smith_r, chart_type, ...])

Plot complex data on smith chart.

plot_rectangular(x, y[, x_label, y_label, ...])

Plot rectangular data and optionally label axes.

plot_polar(theta, r[, x_label, y_label, ...])

Plot polar data on a polar plot and optionally label axes.

plot_complex_rectangular(z[, x_label, ...])

Plot complex data on the complex plane.

plot_complex_polar(z[, x_label, y_label, ...])

Plot complex data in polar format.

plot_it_all(netw, *args, **kwargs)

Plot dB, deg, smith, and complex in subplots.

plot_minmax_bounds_component(self, attribute)

Plots mean value of the NetworkSet with +/- uncertainty bounds in an Network's attribute.

plot_minmax_bounds_s_db(self, *args, **kwargs)

Call plot_uncertainty_bounds(attribute= 's_mag','ppf':mf.magnitude_2_db*args,**kwargs).

plot_minmax_bounds_s_db10(self, *args, **kwargs)

Call plot_uncertainty_bounds(attribute= 's_mag','ppf':mf.magnitude_2_db*args,**kwargs).

plot_minmax_bounds_s_time_db(self, *args, ...)

Call plot_uncertainty_bounds(attribute= 's_mag','ppf':mf.magnitude_2_db*args,**kwargs).

plot_uncertainty_bounds_component(self, ...)

Plot mean value of a NetworkSet with +/- uncertainty bounds in an Network's attribute.

plot_uncertainty_bounds_s_db(self, *args, ...)

Call plot_uncertainty_bounds(attribute='s_mag','ppf':mf.magnitude_2_db*args,**kwargs).

plot_uncertainty_bounds_s_time_db(self, ...)

Call plot_uncertainty_bounds(attribute= 's_mag','ppf':mf.magnitude_2_db*args,**kwargs).

plot_passivity(netw[, port, label_prefix])

Plot dB(diag(passivity metric)) vs frequency.

plot_logsigma(self[, label_axis])

Plot the uncertainty for the set in units of log-sigma.

plot_contour(freq, x, y, z, min0max1[, ...])

Create a contour plot.

Convenience plotting functions

stylely([rc_dict, style_file])

Loads the rc-params from the specified file (file must be located in skrf/data).

subplot_params(ntwk[, param, proj, ...])

Plot all networks parameters individually on subplots.

shade_bands(edges[, y_range, cmap])

Shades frequency bands.

save_all_figs([dir, format, replace_spaces, ...])

Save all open Figures to disk.

scale_frequency_ticks(ax, funit)

Scale frequency axis ticks.

add_markers_to_lines([ax, marker_list, ...])

Add markers to existing lings on a plot.


Turn off the legend for a given axes.

func_on_all_figs(func, *args, **kwargs)

Run a function after making all open figures current.

scrape_legend([n, ax])

Scrape a legend with redundant labels.

signature(self[, m, n, component, vmax, ...])

Visualization of a NetworkSet.