skrf.plotting.plot_smith(s, smith_r=1, chart_type='z', x_label='Real', y_label='Imaginary', title='Complex Plane', show_legend=True, axis='equal', ax=None, force_chart=False, draw_vswr=None, draw_labels=False, **kwargs)[source]

Plot complex data on smith chart.

  • s (complex array-like) – reflection-coefficient-like data to plot

  • smith_r (number) – radius of smith chart

  • chart_type (str in ['z','y']) – Contour type for chart. * ‘z’ : lines of constant impedance * ‘y’ : lines of constant admittance

  • x_label (string, optional.) – x-axis label. Default is ‘Real’.

  • y_label (string, optional.) – y-axis label. Default is ‘Imaginary’

  • title (string, optional.) – plot title, Default is ‘Complex Plane’.

  • show_legend (Boolean, optional.) – controls the drawing of the legend. Default is True.

  • axis_equal (Boolean, optional.) – sets axis to be equal increments. Default is ‘equal’.

  • ax (matplotlib.axes.AxesSubplot object or None.) – axes to draw on. Default is None (creates a new figure).

  • force_chart (Boolean, optional.) – forces the re-drawing of smith chart. Default is False.

  • draw_vswr (list of numbers, Boolean or None, optional) – draw VSWR circles. If True, default values are used. Default is None.

  • draw_labels (Boolean) – annotate chart with impedance values

  • **kwargs (passed to pylab.plot)

  • axis (str)

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