skrf.plotting.plot_uncertainty_bounds_component(self, attribute, m=None, n=None, type='shade', n_deviations=3, alpha=0.3, color_error=None, markevery_error=20, ax=None, ppf=None, kwargs_error=None, **kwargs)[source]

Plot mean value of a NetworkSet with +/- uncertainty bounds in an Network’s attribute.

This is designed to represent uncertainty in a scalar component of the s-parameter. for example plotting the uncertainty in the magnitude would be expressed by,

\[mean(|s|) \pm std(|s|)\]

The order of mean and abs is important.

  • attribute (str) – attribute of Network type to analyze

  • m (int or None) – first index of attribute matrix. Default is None (all)

  • n (int or None) – second index of attribute matrix. Default is None (all)

  • type (str) – [‘shade’ | ‘bar’], type of plot to draw

  • n_deviations (int) – number of std deviations to plot as bounds

  • alpha (float) – passed to matplotlib.fill_between() command. [number, 0-1]

  • color_error (str) – color of the +- std dev fill shading. Default is None.

  • markevery_error (float) – tbd

  • type – if type==’bar’, this controls frequency of error bars

  • ax (matplotlib axe object) – Axes to plot on. Default is None.

  • ppf (function) –

    post processing function. a function applied to the

    upper and lower bounds. Default is None


    dictionary of kwargs to pass to the fill_between or errorbar plot command depending on value of type.

  • **kwargs – passed to Network.plot_s_re command used to plot mean response

  • self (NetworkSet) –

  • kwargs_error (dict) –


For phase uncertainty you probably want s_deg_unwrap, or similar. uncertainty for wrapped phase blows up at +-pi.