networkSet (skrf.networkSet)

Provides a class representing an un-ordered set of n-port microwave networks.

Frequently one needs to make calculations, such as mean or standard deviation, on an entire set of n-port networks. To facilitate these calculations the NetworkSet class provides convenient ways to make such calculations.

Another usage is to interpolate a set of Networks which depend of an parameter (like a knob, or a geometrical parameter).

The results are returned in Network objects, so they can be plotted and saved in the same way one would do with a Network.

The functionality in this module is provided as methods and properties of the NetworkSet Class.

NetworkSet Class

NetworkSet([ntwk_set, name])

A set of Networks.

NetworkSet Utilities

func_on_networks(ntwk_list, func[, ...])

Applies a function to some attribute of a list of networks.

getset(ntwk_dict, s, *args, **kwargs)

Creates a NetworkSet, of all Network`s objects in a dictionary that contain `s in its key.