skrf.networkSet.getset(ntwk_dict, s, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Creates a NetworkSet, of all Network`s objects in a dictionary that contain `s in its key. This is useful for dealing with the output of load_all_touchstones(), which contains Networks grouped by some kind of naming convention.

  • ntwk_dict (dictionary of Network objects) – network dictionary that contains a set of keys s

  • s (string) – string contained in the keys of ntwk_dict that are to be in the NetworkSet that is returned

  • *args (passed to NetworkSet())

  • **kwargs (passed to NetworkSet())


ntwk_set – A NetworkSet that made from values of ntwk_dict with s in their key

Return type:

NetworkSet object


>>>ntwk_dict = rf.load_all_touchstone(‘my_dir’) >>>set5v = getset(ntwk_dict,’5v’) >>>set10v = getset(ntwk_dict,’10v’)