skrf.networkSet.func_on_networks(ntwk_list, func, attribute='s', name=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Applies a function to some attribute of a list of networks.

Returns the result in the form of a Network. This means information that may not be s-parameters is stored in the s-matrix of the returned Network.

  • ntwk_list (list of Network objects) – list of Networks on which to apply func to

  • func (function) – function to operate on ntwk_list s-matrices

  • attribute (string) – attribute of Network’s in ntwk_list for func to act on

  • *args (arguments and keyword arguments) – passed to func

  • **kwargs (arguments and keyword arguments) – passed to func


ntwk – Network with s-matrix the result of func, operating on ntwk_list’s s-matrices

Return type:



averaging can be implemented with func_on_networks by

>>> func_on_networks(ntwk_list, mean)