deembedding (skrf.calibration.deembedding)

De-embedding is the procedure of removing effects of the test fixture that is often present in the measurement of a device or circuit. It is based on a lumped element approximation of the test fixture which needs removal from the raw data, and its equivalent circuit often needs to be known a-priori. This is often required since implementation of calibration methods such as Thru-Reflect-Line (TRL) becomes too expensive for implementation in on-wafer measurement environments where space is limited, or insufficiently accurate as in the case of Short-Open-Load-Thru (SOLT) calibration where the load cannot be manufactured accurately. De-embedding is often performed as a second step, after a SOLT, TRL or similar calibration to the end of a known reference plane, like the probe-tips in on-wafer measurements.

This module provides objects to implement commonly used de-embedding method in on-wafer applications. Each de-embedding method inherits from the common abstract base class Deembedding.

Base Class

Deembedding(dummies[, name])

Abstract Base Class for all de-embedding objects.

De-embedding Methods

OpenShort(dummy_open, dummy_short[, name])

Remove open parasitics followed by short parasitics.

Open(dummy_open[, name])

Remove open parasitics only.

ShortOpen(dummy_short, dummy_open[, name])

Remove short parasitics followed by open parasitics.

Short(dummy_short[, name])

Remove short parasitics only.

SplitPi(dummy_thru[, name])

Remove shunt and series parasitics assuming pi-type embedding network.

SplitTee(dummy_thru[, name])

Remove series and shunt parasitics assuming tee-type embedding network.

AdmittanceCancel(dummy_thru[, name])

Cancel shunt admittance by swapping (a.k.a Mangan's method).

ImpedanceCancel(dummy_thru[, name])

Cancel series impedance by swapping.

IEEEP370_SE_NZC_2xThru(dummy_2xthru[, name, ...])

Creates error boxes from a test fixture 2xThru network.

IEEEP370_MM_NZC_2xThru(dummy_2xthru[, name, ...])

Creates error boxes from a 4-port test fixture 2xThru.

IEEEP370_SE_ZC_2xThru(dummy_2xthru, ...[, ...])

Creates error boxes from 2x-Thru and FIX-DUT-FIX networks.

IEEEP370_MM_ZC_2xThru(dummy_2xthru, ...[, ...])

Creates error boxes from a 4-port from 2x-Thru and FIX-DUT-FIX networks.