class skrf.calibration.deembedding.SplitTee(dummy_thru, name=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Remove series and shunt parasitics assuming tee-type embedding network.

A deembedding object is created with just one thru dummy measurement dummy_thru. The thru dummy is, for example, a direct cascaded connection of the left and right test pads.

When Deembedding.deembed() is applied, the shunt admittance and series impedance of the thru dummy are removed.

This method is applicable only when there is a-priori knowledge of the equivalent circuit model of the parasitic network to be de-embedded, where the shunt parasitics are closest to device under test, followed by the series parasitics. For more information, see [3]



>>> import skrf as rf
>>> from skrf.calibration import SplitTee

Create network objects for dummy structure and dut

>>> th = rf.Network('thru_ckt.s2p')
>>> dut = rf.Network('full_ckt.s2p')

Create de-embedding object

>>> dm = SplitTee(dummy_thru = th, name = 'test_thru')

Remove parasitics to get the actual device network

>>> realdut = dm.deembed(dut)



SplitTee De-embedding Initializer


Perform the de-embedding calculation