class skrf.calibration.deembedding.ImpedanceCancel(dummy_thru, name=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Cancel series impedance by swapping.

A deembedding object is created with just one thru dummy measurement dummy_thru. The thru dummy is, for example, a direct cascaded connection of the left and right test pads.

When Deembedding.deembed() is applied, the series impedance of the thru dummy are canceled, from the DUT measurement by left-right mirroring operation.

This method is applicable to only symmetric (i.e. S11=S22 and S12=S21) 2-port DUTs, but suitable for the characterization of transmission lines at mmW frequencies. For more information, see [5]



>>> import skrf as rf
>>> from skrf.calibration import ImpedanceCancel

Create network objects for dummy structure and dut

>>> th = rf.Network('thru_ckt.s2p')
>>> dut = rf.Network('full_ckt.s2p')

Create de-embedding object

>>> dm = ImpedanceCancel(dummy_thru = th, name = 'test_thru')

Remove parasitics to get the actual device network

>>> realdut = dm.deembed(dut)



ImpedanceCancel De-embedding Initializer


Perform the de-embedding calculation