Network.plot_z_vswr(m=None, n=None, ax=None, show_legend=True, attribute='z_vswr', y_label='VSWR', logx=False, pad=0, window='hamming', z0=50, *args, **kwargs)

plot the Network attribute z_vswr vs frequency.

  • m (int, optional) – first index of s-parameter matrix, if None will use all
  • n (int, optional) – secon index of the s-parameter matrix, if None will use all
  • ax (matplotlib.Axes object, optional) – An existing Axes object to plot on
  • show_legend (Boolean) – draw legend or not
  • attribute (string) – Network attribute to plot
  • y_label (string, optional) – the y-axis label
  • logx (Boolean, optional) – Enable logarithmic x-axis, default off
  • *args,**kwargs (arguments, keyword arguments) – passed to matplotlib.plot()


This function is dynamically generated upon Network initialization. This is accomplished by calling plot_vs_frequency_generic()


>>> myntwk.plot_z_vswr(m=1,n=0,color='r')