NetworkSet.signature(m=0, n=0, component='s_mag', vmax=None, vs_time=False, cbar_label=None, *args, **kwargs)

Visualization of a NetworkSet.

Creates a colored image representing the some component of each Network in the NetworkSet, vs frequency.

  • m (int) – first s-parameters index
  • n (int) – second s-parameter index
  • component (['s_mag','s_db','s_deg' ..]) – scalar component of Network to visualize. should be a property of the Network object.
  • vmax (number) – sets upper limit of colorbar, if None, will be set to 3*mean of the magnitude of the complex difference
  • vs_time (Boolean) – if True, then we assume each was made with rf.now_string, and we make the y-axis a datetime axis
  • cbar_label (String) – label for the colorbar
  • *args,**kw (arguments, keyword arguments) – passed to imshow()