skrf.time.indexes(y, thres=0.3, min_dist=1)[source]

Peak detection routine.

Finds the numeric index of the peaks in y by taking its first order difference. By using thres and min_dist parameters, it is possible to reduce the number of detected peaks. y must be signed.

  • y (ndarray (signed)) – 1D amplitude data to search for peaks.

  • thres (float between [0., 1.], optional) – Normalized threshold. Only the peaks with amplitude higher than the threshold will be detected. Default is 0.3

  • min_dist (int, optional) – Minimum distance between each detected peak. The peak with the highest amplitude is preferred to satisfy this constraint. Default is 1


Array containing the numeric indexes of the peaks that were detected

Return type:



This function was taken from peakutils-1.1.0