, file_name=None, file_type='excel', *args, **kwargs)[source]

Write a NetworkSet object to a spreadsheet, for your boss.

Write the s-parameters of a each network in the networkset to a spreadsheet. If the excel file_type is used, then each network, is written to its own sheet, with the sheetname taken from the network name attribute. This functions makes use of the pandas module, which in turn makes use of the xlrd module. These are imported during this function.


The frequency unit used in the spreadsheet is take from ntwk.frequency.unit

  • ntwkset (NetworkSet object) – the network to write

  • file_name (str, None) – the file_name to write. if None, is used.

  • file_type (['csv','excel','html']) – the type of file to write. See pandas.DataFrame.to_??? functions.

  • form ('db','ma','ri') – format to write data, * db = db, deg * ma = mag, deg * ri = real, imag

  • *args – passed to pandas.DataFrame.to_??? functions.

  • **kwargs – passed to pandas.DataFrame.to_??? functions.

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