, file='skrfSesh.p', module='skrf', exclude_prefix='_')[source]

Save all skrf objects in the local namespace.

This is used to save current workspace in a hurry, by passing it the output of locals() (see Examples). Note this can be used for other modules as well by passing a different module name.

  • dict_objs (dict) – dictionary containing skrf objects. See the Example.

  • file (str or file-object, optional) – the file to save all objects to

  • module (str, optional) – the module name to grep for.

  • exclude_prefix (str, optional) – dont save objects which have this as a prefix.

See also


read a skrf object


write skrf object[s]


read all skrf objects in a directory


write dictionary of skrf objects to a directory


Write out all skrf objects in current namespace.

>>> rf.write_all(locals(), 'mysesh.p')