classmethod Network.from_z(z: numpy.ndarray, *args, **kw) →[source]

Create a Network from its Z-parameters

z : Numpy array
Impedance matrix. Should be of shape fxnxn, where f is frequency axis and n is number of ports
**kwargs :
key word arguments can be used to assign properties of the Network, f and z0.
Returns:ntw – Created Network
Return type:Network


>>> f = rf.Frequency(start=1, stop=2, npoints=4)  # 4 frequency points
>>> z = np.random.rand(len(f),2,2) + np.random.rand(len(f),2,2)*1j  # 2-port z-matrix: shape=(4,2,2)
>>> ntw = rf.Network.from_z(z, f=f)