Network.plot_s_smith(m=None, n=None, r=1, ax=None, show_legend=True, chart_type='z', draw_labels=False, label_axes=False, draw_vswr=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Plots the scattering parameter on a smith chart.

Plots indices m, n, where m and n can be integers or lists of integers.

  • m (int, optional) – first index

  • n (int, optional) – second index

  • ax (matplotlib.Axes object, optional) – axes to plot on. in case you want to update an existing plot.

  • show_legend (boolean, optional) – to turn legend show legend of not, optional

  • chart_type (['z','y']) – draw impedance or admittance contours

  • draw_labels (Boolean) – annotate chart with impedance values

  • label_axes (Boolean) – Label axis with titles Real and Imaginary

  • border (Boolean) – draw rectangular border around image with ticks

  • draw_vswr (list of numbers, Boolean or None) – draw VSWR circles. If True, default values are used.

  • *args (arguments, optional) – passed to the matplotlib.plot command

  • **kwargs (keyword arguments, optional) – passed to the matplotlib.plot command

See also

plot_vs_frequency_generic, smith


>>> myntwk.plot_s_smith()
>>> myntwk.plot_s_smith(m=0,n=1,color='b', marker='x')