Network.write(file=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Write the Network to disk using the pickle module.

The resultant file can be read either by using the Networks constructor, __init__() , the read method read(), or the general read function

  • file (str or file-object) – filename or a file-object. If left as None then the filename will be set to, if its not None. If both are None, ValueError is raised.

  • *args – passed through to write()

  • **kwargs – passed through to write()

Return type:



If the is not None and file is can left as None and the resultant file will have the .ntwk extension appended to the filename.


>>> n = rf.N(f=[1,2,3],s=[1,1,1],z0=50, name = 'open')
>>> n.write()
>>> n2 ='open.ntwk')

See also

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