Network.write(file=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Write the Network to disk using the pickle module.

The resultant file can be read either by using the Networks constructor, __init__() , the read method read(), or the general read function

  • file (str or file-object) – filename or a file-object. If left as None then the filename will be set to, if its not None. If both are None, ValueError is raised.

  • *args – passed through to write()

  • **kwargs – passed through to write()

Return type



If the is not None and file is can left as None and the resultant file will have the .ntwk extension appended to the filename.


>>> n = rf.N(f=[1,2,3],s=[1,1,1],z0=50, name = 'open')
>>> n.write()
>>> n2 ='open.ntwk')

See also

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