, nports, offby=1, **kwargs)[source]

Builds a N-port Network from list of two-ports

This method was made to reconstruct a n-port network from 2-port subnetworks as measured by a 2-port VNA. So, for example, given a 3-port DUT, you might measure the set p12.s2p, p23.s2p, p13.s2p. From these measurements, you can construct p.s3p.

By default all entries of result.s are filled with 0’s, in case you dont fully specify the entire s-matrix of the resultant ntwk.

  • ntwk_list (list of Network objects) – the names must contain the port index, ie ‘p12’ or ‘p43’, ie. define the property of the Network object.

  • offby (int) – starting value for s-parameters indices. ie a value of 1, assumes that a s21 = ntwk.s[:,1,0]

  • *args – passed to Network.__init__() for the N-port

  • **kwargs – passed to Network.__init__() for the N-port

  • nports (int) –


nport – result

Return type

n-port Network

See also


concatenate ntwks along their ports