, ntwkB, **kwargs)[source]

Stitches ntwkA and ntwkB together.

Concatenates two networks’ data. Given two networks that cover different frequency bands this can be used to combine their data into a single network.

  • ntwkA (Network objects) – Networks to stitch together

  • ntwkB (Network objects) – Networks to stitch together

  • **kwargs (keyword args) – passed to Network constructor, for output network


ntwkC – result of stitching the networks ntwkA and ntwkB together

Return type



>>> from import wr2p2_line, wr1p5_line
>>> rf.stitch(wr2p2_line, wr1p5_line)
2-Port Network: 'wr2p2,line',  330-750 GHz, 402 pts, z0=[ 50.+0.j  50.+0.j]