, ntwk2=None, name=None)[source]

Generate a two-port reflective two-port, from two one-ports.

  • ntwk1 (one-port Network object) – network seen from port 1

  • ntwk2 (one-port Network object, or None) – network seen from port 2. if None then will use ntwk1.

  • name (Name for the combined network. If None, then construct the name) – from the names of the input networks


result – two-port reflective network

Return type:

Network object


The resultant Network is copied from ntwk1, so its various properties(name, frequency, etc) are inherited from that Network.


>>> short,open = rf.Network('short.s1p', rf.Network('open.s1p')
>>> rf.two_port_reflect(short,open)