skrf.tlineFunctions.voltage_current_propagation(v1, i1, z0, theta)[source]

Voltages and currents calculated on electrical length theta of a transmission line.

Give voltage v2 and current i1 at theta, given voltage v1 and current i1 at theta=0 and given characteristic parameters gamma and z0.

i1                          i2

v1         gamma,z0         v2


<------------ d ------------->

theta=0                   theta

Uses (inverse) ABCD parameters of a transmission line.

  • v1 (array-like (nfreqs,)) – total voltage at z=0

  • i1 (array-like (nfreqs,)) – total current at z=0, directed toward the transmission line

  • z0 (array-like (nfreqs,)) – characteristic impedance

  • theta (number or array-like (nfreq, ntheta)) – electrical length of the line (may be complex).


  • v2 (array-like (nfreqs, ntheta)) – total voltage at z=d

  • i2 (array-like (nfreqs, ndtheta) – total current at z=d, directed outward the transmission line