LMR16.__init__(measured, ideals, ideal_is_reflect=True, sign=None, switch_terms=None, *args, **kwargs)[source]

LMR16 initializer.

Due to needing to solve a second order equation during the calibration a choice must be taken on the correct root. Sign argument, +1 or -1, can be given to make the root choice.

If sign argument is not given it is tried to be solved automatically by choosing the sign that makes \(k = \frac{t_{15}}{t_{12}}\) closer to +1, which holds if test fixture is symmetric.

  • measured (list/dict of Network objects) – Raw measurements of the calibration standards.

  • ideals (list/dict of Network objects) – Estimated response of the reflect or through calibration standard.

  • ideal_is_reflect (Boolean) – True if given ideal is reflect and False if ideal is through

  • sign (+1,-1 or None) – Sign to be used for the root choice.