LRRM.__init__(measured, ideals, switch_terms=None, isolation=None, z0=50, match_fit='l', *args, **kwargs)[source]

LRRM Initializer.

  • measured (list of Network objects) – Raw measurements of the calibration standards. The order must be line, reflect, reflect, match and must align with the ideals parameter

  • ideals (list of Network objects) – Predicted ideal response of the calibration standards. The order must align with measured list

  • switch_terms (tuple of Network objects) – the pair of switch terms in the order (forward, reverse)

  • isolation (Network object) – Measurement with loads on both ports with a perfect isolation between the ports. Used for determining the isolation error terms. If no measurement is given leakage is assumed to be zero.

  • z0 (int) – Calibration reference impedance. Only affects the solved match inductance. Has no effect to the solved calibration parameters.

  • match_fit (string or None) – Match model. Valid choices are ‘l’ to fit a single inductance over all frequencies. ‘none’ to not fit inductance and let it be different for each frequency. ‘lc’ to fit match with series inductor and parallel capacitor and assuming that the second reflect is open with unknown capacitance. Fitting is recommended as individual inductance estimates can be noisy.