CircularWaveguide.load(Gamma0, nports=1, z0=None, **kwargs)

Load of given reflection coefficient.

  • Gamma0 (number, array-like) – Reflection coefficient of load (linear, not in db). If its an array it must be of shape: kxnxn, where k is number of frequency points in media, and n is nports

  • nports (int) – number of ports

  • z0 (number, or array-like or None) – port impedance. Default is None, in which case the Media’s z0 is used. This sets the resultant Network’s z0.

  • **kwargs (key word arguments) – passed to match(), which is called initially to create a ‘blank’ network.


load – n-port load, where S = Gamma0*eye(…)

Return type:

Network object

See also

match, open, short