classmethod Coaxial.from_Z0_Dout(frequency=None, z0_port=None, z0=50, epsilon_r=1, Dout=0.005, **kw)[source]

Init from characteristic impedance and outer diameter.

  • frequency (Frequency object)

  • z0_port (number, array-like, or None) – z0_port is the port impedance for networks generated by the media. If z0_port is not None, the networks generated by the media are renormalized (or in other words embedded) from the characteristic impedance z0 of the media to z0_port. Else if z0_port is None, the networks port impedances will be the raw characteristic impedance z0 of the media. (Default is None)

  • z0 (number) – desired characteristic impedance

  • Dout (number, or array-like) – outer conductor diameter, in m

  • epsilon_r=1 (number, or array-like) – relative permittivity of the dielectric medium

  • **kw – passed to __init__

  • epsilon_r (NumberLike)



Return type: