Coaxial.splitter(nports, **kwargs)

Ideal, lossless n-way splitter.

The port impedances can be mismatched and the power is split accordingly.

For n > 2, the splitter is not matched because the power wave entering one port meet the equivalent impedance of the other ports in parallel.

\[S_{ii} = \frac{Y_i - \sum_{j\neq i} Y_j}{Y_i + \sum_{j\neq i} Y_j} = \frac{2Y_i}{\sum_{j=1...n} Y_j} - 1\]

The remaining power is split between the other ports depending their impedances.

\[\sum_{j=1...n} S_{ij}^2 = 1 - S_{ii}^2\]
\[S_{ij} = \frac{2\sqrt{Y_i \cdot Y_j}}{\sum_{k=1...n} Y_{k}}\]
  • nports (int) – number of ports

  • **kwargs (key word arguments) – passed to match(), which is called initially to create a ‘blank’ network.


tee – a n-port splitter

Return type:

Network object

See also


called to create a ‘blank’ network