CPW.attenuator(s21, db=True, d=0, unit='deg', name='', **kwargs)

Ideal matched attenuator of a given length.

  • s21 (number, array-like) – the attenuation

  • db (bool, optional) – is s21 in dB? otherwise assumes linear. Default is True (dB).

  • d (number, optional) – length of attenuator. Default is 0.

  • unit (['deg','rad','m','cm','um','in','mil','s','us','ns','ps']) – the units of d. See to_meters(), for details. Default is ‘deg’

  • name (str) – Name for the returned attenuator Network

  • **kwargs (arguments, keyword arguments) – passed to func:line


ntwk – 2-port attenuator

Return type:

Network object