numpy.ndarray, k: int, B: numpy.ndarray, l: int) → numpy.ndarray[source]

connect two n-port networks’ s-matrices together.

specifically, connect port k on network A to port l on network B. The resultant network has nports = (A.rank + B.rank-2). This function operates on, and returns s-matrices. The function connect() operates on Network types.

  • A (numpy.ndarray) – S-parameter matrix of A, shape is fxnxn
  • k (int) – port index on A (port indices start from 0)
  • B (numpy.ndarray) – S-parameter matrix of B, shape is fxnxn
  • l (int) – port index on B

C – new S-parameter matrix

Return type:



internally, this function creates a larger composite network and calls the innerconnect_s() function. see that function for more details about the implementation

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